About Us

Family Business, Governance, and Transaction Advisory Solutions

“Every family operates in their own distinctive style with their unique quotient, however one common concern remains the inherently complex family structure. The necessity of a simplistic and efficient family structure is paramount. Legacy Growth assists families to meet two of their fundamental objectives – creating legacy and realising growth. We provide customised solutions with a team capable of delivering cross-functional expertise to meet your requirements and go beyond.

We have the capability to provide comprehensive consulting and project management solutions for any M&A transactions or special situations alongside supporting you in wealth preservation, succession and exit planning.

Please note that we are completely independent of any wealth management firm, product distributors, bank or audit firm.
Our core services are often supplemented by a curated network of external partners based on your requirements and we ensure the overall delivery is based on our proprietary approach in servicing families. This approach eliminates any potential conflicts of interests and provides the highest quality and reliable solutions to a family.
We recommend and implement effective legal and tax structures for meeting succession and wealth-management goals, including asset protection and cross border investments.
While we do not act as an asset manager or have any product bias, we can assist in managing and benchmarking your asset managers and/or fund selection as required. We actively monitor and analyse asset-manager performance, proactively engaging them directly to discuss their performance and tactical decisions.

An ideal solution for managing family wealth must encompass transparency, effective & efficient accounting and timely and accurate regulatory and tax reporting.

Legacy Growth Partners also offers a fully integrated family office solution that combines financial and legal capabilities. We have developed tailored family dynamic coaching and wellness solutions, all aimed at fostering legacy and ushering growth.”