Passion (productive): The (productive) pastime accomplished by a mathematical unit is the brand of manufacturing in which they activates

Passion (productive): The (productive) pastime accomplished by a mathematical unit is the brand of manufacturing in which they activates

Tourism are a social, cultural and you will monetary event and therefore involves the direction of people so you’re able to regions otherwise towns external the usual environment private otherwise providers/top-notch aim. These people are titled folk (that may be both tourists or excursionists; residents otherwise non-residents) and you may tourism is because of the circumstances, many of which include tourist expenses.

Activity/activities: Into the tourism statistics, the expression activities depict what and you will behaviors of men and women when you look at the preparation getting and you may throughout a visit within their capabilities while the people (IRTS 2008, step 1.2).

Hobby (principal): The primary hobby regarding a manufacturer product ‘s the craft whoever value added is higher than that of various other passion accomplished within an identical product (SNA 2008, 5.8).

It has to be understood since the a method, i.age. the mixture regarding strategies you to trigger a certain band of factors. The brand new classification off active products will depend on the prominent yields.

Administrative data: Management data is the fresh selection of units and you may studies based on a management supply. This might be a document carrying pointers accumulated and you can maintained for the aim of using no less than one management rules.

This feel can get possess some brand of real or sensed exposure that can require significant real and you can/otherwise mental energy

Adventure tourist: Excitement tourism is a type of tourist which usually takes place inside attractions which have particular geographical keeps and you will land and you will will getting from the an actual craft, cultural change, communication and you can engagement having character. Thrill tourist essentially boasts outdoor affairs such as for example rock climbing, trekking, bungee moving, climbing, rafting, canoeing, kayaking, canyoning, mountain biking, bush strolling, scuba diving. At the same time, certain indoor excitement tourist affairs could be experienced.

Aggregated research: The consequence of converting product level research with the quantitative strategies to have a set of qualities from a populace.

Harmony off costs: The balance regarding payments are a mathematical statement you to summarizes transactions between residents and low-residents throughout a time. They includes the goods and characteristics membership, the key money account, this new secondary earnings membership, the main city membership, while the financial account (BPM6, dos.12).

Aggregation: A procedure that turns microdata toward aggregate-top suggestions by using a keen aggregation form like amount, share average, standard departure, etc

Bias: A direct effect and that deprives a statistical result of representativeness by the methodically distorting it, as the not the same as a random error which may distort to the one you to event but balances on an average.

Company and top-notch purpose (away from a tourism travel): The company and elite function of a tourist trip is sold with new factors of one’s worry about-employed and you may staff, if they don’t match an implicit otherwise explicit company-worker reference to a resident music producer in the country or set went to, the ones from traders, entrepreneurs, an such like. (IRTS 2008, step 3.17.2).

Business tourism: Company tourism is a kind of tourism hobby in which anyone traveling getting a particular professional and you may/or organization mission so you’re able to a place external the work environment and you will residence with the aim of planning a conference, an activity otherwise a conference. The main components of organization tourism are meetings, bonuses, conventions and you will conventions. The expression “conferences business” from inside the framework from team tourist comprehends the fresh commercial nature off for example factors. Providers tourist shall be in addition to other tourism kind of throughout the same excursion.

Team visitor: A corporate guest is a travellers whoever main purpose to have a good tourism travel represents the business and you will elite category of goal (IRTS 2008, step three.17.2).

Main Product Category: The newest Main Product Classification (CPC) comprises an entire unit group covering products or services. It is intended to act as a major international fundamental having building and you may tabulating all sorts of investigation demanding equipment detail, in addition to commercial creation, national profile, service opportunities, domestic and overseas item exchange, all over the world trade in characteristics, balance away from money, usage and you can rates statistics. Other very first aims should be offer a structure to have worldwide comparison and you may promote harmonization of several variety of statistics making reference to merchandise and you can properties.

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